Email Automation & Lead Generation

Make the most of your list of subscribers through an optimized email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing allows brands and businesses to reach out to existing customers and prospects, with new products or services, special offers and promotions, and other marketing messages. Keeping your current customers engaged and excited about your business through email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to improve the lifetime value of each customer.

Email Marketing is Effective and Affordable

Unlike other marketing channels which require costly media buys or intensive technical work, email marketing can be an affordable and effective marketing activity for both small and large businesses alike. In most cases, implementing an email marketing campaign requires only some simple software, an HTML template, and a message you want to share with your audience. It can be a very efficient use of marketing resources.

Email Marketing Drives ROI

Many digital marketers report that email marketing as a channel generates significant ROI compared to other marketing activities. Because email marketing typically reaches people who have already expressed an interest in your business, you’re more likely to get a strong return than simply targeting a general audience. Additionally, many businesses may already have a database of customer emails or subscribers, but simply are not running any marketing efforts against this list. When these companies adopt email marketing, they often see major return on investment.

An Effective Approach to Email

Many people think about email marketing in an outdated or inaccurate way. For today’s businesses seeking to build real and long-term email strategies, the goal isn’t to spam a random audience, and the right approach should never annoy your existing customers. Rather, email is about delivering value to your customers and friends by sending messages that your customers actually care about. Today’s effective approach to email strategy includes,

⦿  List Building:  Do you have an existing email list? You might already, if you have an accurate list of current customers. These people are your best targets for loyalty-building promotions. We’ll work with you to harvest your existing email assets to build an initial list of carefully curated and relevant subscribers who will actually care about your messages.

⦿  Email Integration:  Your email list is an extremely valuable business asset – you should be working to build it at all times. Our technical team will work within your existing website and other web assets to integrate email subscription options, so that your list can grow passively over time with real, opt-in subscribers.

⦿  Copywriting and Template Design:  We take a full-service approach to email marketing, meaning that we’ll work with you to create an attractive and effective email template, as well as writing the actual email content. This also includes the creative work of brainstorming effective subject lines and interesting copy and offers that will really engage your audience and allow you to drive real results.

⦿  Split Testing and Reporting:  After every email blast, you’ll get a full report showing you how many people opened the email, clicked a call to action, and engaged with your content. You’ll also be able to see anyone who unsubscribed from your messages, as well as any email accounts that are no longer active. Using this data, we can work over time to develop a unique email strategy that’s customized for your customers.

If you’re looking to grow your business through email marketing, contact Echo Marketing today!